4 Reasons Why Make Up is Essential to a Woman

Post on January 17, 2017 | SOGO
Makeup isn’t something new to the world. Women and men wore make-up in ancient cultures such as Egypt. But lately, makeup or cosmetics has swept the beauty industry with a variety of makeup trends that range from “the natural look” to what some will call a work of art.

However, there are naysayers who would object to those wearing too much make-up. Well, this article will definitely put those sceptics to rest because we’re here to tell you why make-up is awesome!

1.    It Gives Us Confidence!
Many women report that wearing make-up, even just a little would give them that extra boost of confidence that they need for the day. And there’s nothing wrong with a confident woman right?

2.    It’s Honestly An Art
Make-up tools are your paint brushes. Foundation, blushes, eyeshadows are your watercolours. Your face is the blank canvas. You can create different artistic and creative looks for your face; go crazy because the sky is the limit and if you mess up, just wipe it off!

3.    It Enhances Your Natural Beauty
Make-up is helpful in those days where you’re in need of that sparkle in your eyes (concealer) and also to hide little blemishes here and there. It’s a wonderful thing what make-up can do to amplify your natural beauty!

4.    It’s A Form of Expression
Some women opt for the natural look with a light eyeshadow, nude lips and a hint of blush while others go for dramatic eyeshadow, bold lipstick and a full on contour face. These will definitely give you a hint of their personality and somehow gage in their mood of the day. Some might agree that more often than not, how someone’s make-up is done says a lot about them.

It’s no denying that make-up has certainly made an impact to women and it is a trend that is here to stay.
If you’re a virgin when it comes to make-up but want to learn more about it, then here’s a great way to start learning!

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