5 Affordable Watches Every Guy Should Have in Their Collection

Post on January 03, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia



We are currently living in an era where to keep track of time means having to dig in our pocket to reach for the modern and accurate timekeeping machine - a smartphone. Many may have opted to ditch the idea of wearing a watch these days as it is believed to be redundant and unnecessary. Per contra, men with style seem to look at things rather differently as they prefer to stay in the past and still kicking it oldskool. Simply because watches are meant to be more than just a time teller, the ancient invention serves a greater purpose than what it was intended to do. And...we have to say that they are indeed right!


Much like a woman’s handbag, a timepiece shouts inaudible statement that represents the wearer’s personality, taste and *clears throat* in certain cases...wealth. We dare to bet that you can easily tell a lot about a man just from the timepiece that they are wearing, right? Furthermore, picking out the right watch is also one of the crucial steps that dictate whether you make or break the style that you are looking for. The “One for all or all for one” rule doesn’t apply here. Which is why you often see the style conscious men enjoy investing a portion of their paychecks into collecting variety style of watches, just so they could match it with different outfits and occasions.


But wait! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to fork up a huge chunk of cash that could result in you eating grass by the end of the week. It is because we have prepared a selection of timepieces that are kind to your bank balance yet still look fashionably great on your wrist.


Nixon Sentry

It's classy and suitable for formal occasions like meetings or weddings.

Timex Expedition Ranger

The robust strap means it's time to go out for an adventure.

Casio AE1200

To show that there's still fun inside of you. 

Daniel Wellington St. Mawes

Going out on a date and a meeting straight after?
Just swap the Nato strap and you are good to go.


G-Shock DW5600

The all-rounder sport-proof! Made for the athletes to repel mud, sweat, and dirt.

So, that's it, guys! The complete list of affordable watches that we believe you should have in your collection. Which one are you going to cop first?

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