5 Beauty Myths Debunked

Post on March 21, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia
Have you ever heard of unusual sayings from your parents warning you of the consequences of your actions? Some common examples are, “Never open an umbrella inside the house.”  or “Never sing when washing dishes or you’d marry an old man”.

These sayings serve the purpose of scaring our young minds but now we can simply chalk it up to old wives’ tale. But when it comes to beauty, are there some truths to the myths we’ve heard for so long?

Here are 5 beauty myths that we’ve dug up to debunk!

1. You can permanently shrink pores

Unfortunately, once pores have expanded due to clogged pores or over-exposure of sun, there’s no way to make them disappear. Fortunately, there’s a way to make your pores appear smaller. Try exfoliating at least once a week or use products that contain salicylic acid.

2. Never put oil on oily skin

One of the most common mistakes for people with oily skin type. Contrary to popular belief, oil-prone skin needs hydration too. Adding oil to your skincare routine can actually help the skin to produce less oil in the long run. Try using an oil cleanser; not only does it effectively removes all of your make-up, but it also keeps your skin moisturised as well.

3. You can get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is a complicated problem. While the appearance can be improved with products and treatments, there is nothing that will permanently get rid of it. Our advice? Wear your cellulite loud and proud because honestly, it’s really nothing to be ashamed of.

4. Waxing makes hair grow thinner

Waxing does lead to short-term thinning of hair, however, it is temporary. Within 2-3 months of waxing, your hair will grow just as thick as it was before you waxed. Only laser hair removal can lead to permanent hair thinning and reduction.

5. Cutting your hair makes it grow faster and thicker

Hair fibres are dead tissues and obviously, your hair follicles don’t know when you cut your hair short. If you feel like your hair grows faster after cutting it short, it’s definitely just an illusion. If you want your hair to grow faster, don’t cut it – give it extra tender love and care instead!

So throw out all your beliefs on beauty myths and start taking real steps to look great in the years to come! 

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