5 Headwrap + Hijab Styles To Try

Post on May 20, 2022 | SOGO Malaysia
Inspired to switch up your everyday look in a heartbeat?

We all want that magic finishing touch to our #OOTD look. Good news! A simple modification in your headwrap or hijab look can transform your casual style into sophisticated glam! Headwraps make an effortless elegant topper to an endless array of outfits, while h
ijab styles are always evolving in the world of modest fashion.

We've compiled a list of the top five styles for the rest of 2022. Be daring, experimental, and raise your fashion game! 

The Sleek Turban

This look has classic written all over it, minimal while still making statements. If all you’ve got are long shawls, this is the perfect go-to style! They are an easy and fuss-free must-try look! Turbans are typically tucked at the top but this hijab style has a unique twist. A step up to the usual turban look is the twisted bun at the back. 

This hijab look works best with a chiffon scarf since it is easy to twist and tuck. To keep your twisted bun from unraveling over the day, fasten it with a lot of pins. The huge bun turban is appropriate for both casual and formal outfits. You may effortlessly mix it with your favourite earrings or even a fashionable necklace.

Style It Like YUNA – Moroccan Style

Enhance your look with a Yuna-inspired turban.

Yuna was dubbed a poster lady for young hijabsters by The New Yorker in 2014. The singer-songwriter has reinvented the art of wearing hijab, frequently swapping the tudung for her characteristic turban, becoming a trendsetter in her own right and putting the cool in hijab.

She is seen wearing turbans in her posters, music videos, and performances. She has encouraged many young women all around the world to dress like her. The turban style has become so famous that whenever it is mentioned, it is referred to as "the Yuna style."

Tied & Draped Hijab

Wanna feel like a princess? The tied and draped hijab style has been increasingly popular for some time. This look consists of tying the ends of your hijab at the back of your neck. You could either drape it over your shoulder or simply leave it as it is. It is a fuss-free way of styling without any unnecessary pins. 

If you’re worried about your neck coverage, you can match this look with a turtleneck or high collar top. The tied and draped hijab style is best achieved with a chiffon scarf since the material is more “flexible”. Also, if you’re feeling fancy, pair your hijab with some classy earrings and you’re ready to rock the day!

Boho-Chic Turban

If you’re more of a maximalist, you might prefer to make more of a statement. Opt for a polished bohemian style. Pair your headwraps with voluminous wide-legged pants and maxi dresses, while being generous with the accessories. Remember, your boho-turban plays a role in an overall masterpiece of an outfit. Try this at home by pairing a simply-wrapped scarf with oversized earrings, bangles and statement jewelry.

Have fun with colour! You can purchase ready-made turban looks in florals or gypsy vibes at your nearest retail store for a good price!

Hijab & Hat Combo

What better way to keep the sun off your skin than with a hat? This hijab style is ideal for people who want to wear a large sun hat or even a fedora while remaining modest.

The best part of this look is that you could pair it with any hijab style. The trick to this elegant and classic look is a low bun so that you can fit your head in the hat fully. Throw on some shades and now, you’re summer-ready for a fun day at the beach while turning heads!


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