5 Healthy Foods for Happier Skin

Post on March 24, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia
Food—a Malaysian’s weakness and love. As Malaysians, we tend to eat a lot of snacks and sometimes those foods aren’t necessarily healthy for us. We still love it anyway, but sometimes we forget that the foods we eat affect our bodies, especially our skin.

Want to eat delicious snacks but attain healthy skin? Read on!

1. Avocados 

Creamy and rich, avocados are high in good fats as well as in Vitamin E and C. These vitamins are essential in creating collagen, which makes the skin strong and healthy. As an added bonus, these fruits can also protect your skin from the sun!

2. Sunflower seeds 

Shine like the sun! Eating sunflower seeds will provide your skin with a dose of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that promotes your skin’s health. They also contain Vitamin B which nourishes the skin to be smooth and silky as well as accelerate the skin’s repair and growth process. Moreover, sunflower seeds include the necessary copper to give your skin your unique colour.

3. Bell peppers

Red or yellow, bell peppers are an essential source of beta-carotene which the body converts into Vitamin A. These vegetables also promote the growth of collagen, a protein that helps structure the skin to be firm and healthy and prevents wrinkles from forming. One bell pepper will provide your body with more than 100% of a daily dose of Vitamin C. Just eat one bell pepper, and you’re all set! 

4. Edamame 

Source: Umami Girl

Steamed or crunchy, edamame soybeans are one of the best healthy snacks to eat. These beans contain linoleic acid, a fatty acid that maintains the skin’s moisture and strengthens the skin’s barrier against unwanted debris. Furthermore, these beans help the skin look young and wrinkle-free. Say yes to edamame and no to wrinkles!


One of the perks of living in a beautiful tropical country like ours is the fruits. Mangoes are powerhouse fruits that provide Vitamins A, C, and B6—all of which reduces oil on the skin and keeps the skin acne-free. Sweet and delicious, the fruit also smoothens and replenishes the skin. Many beauty products contain mango pulp and extract, so why not eat the fruit itself? 

If you love eating food and you want to have healthy skin, try adding these foods to your diet. They can also work as side dishes to that Nasi Lemak! :)

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