5 Knick-Knacks to Brighten Up your Workspace

Post on October 16, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Clutter at workspace kills productivity and enthusiasm. Therefore, a well organized and tidy workspace would ultimately boost your mindset and motivation to work. Here are 5 trinkets that we've curated for a conducive and pleasant working environment.

4-in-1 Organizer Folder

The root of all unruly mess and clutter are usually papers and stationeries. With these cute 4-in-1 organizers, you can easily store aside all your important documents, journals and stationeries in an organized manner. Say goodbye to countless towers of documents at the edge of your desks.

Available at Level 5 KL SOGO, SASSY for RM49.90
Doodle Covered Notebooks

Notebooks are an essential tool to get us through our day-to-day tasks. Although the old saying goes don't judge a book by its cover; it's certainly a booster to have these stylized notebooks as your go-to ones as they work well as table top decorations too!

Available at Level 5 KL SOGO, SASSY for RM29.90

There's always a need to separate matters that requires utmost priority from the rest. How about having them clipped onto an awesome clipboard instead of having them shuffled in between stacks and stacks of documents?

Available at Level 5 KL SOGO, SASSY for RM21.90
Mini Potted Plants

A little bit of green in your workspace goes a long way to keeping you feel at-ease and positive. Having live plants may require additional care, therefore a mini faux potted plant could do the trick too.

Available at Level 5 KL SOGO, YUBISO for RM15.00

You're in luck if you have the luxury of a well air-conditioned workspace. If it isn't the case for you, a mini USB fan plugged directly into your computer is the simplest form of instant and personalized cool breeze.

Available at Level 5 KL SOGO, YUBISO for RM15.00

There you have it; our ultra easy and uplifting solutions to a productive and pleasant workspace.


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