6 Layers of Colour for That Extra Lip Glow

Post on July 23, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia

Unveils Its All-New Layering Lip Bar To Up Your Lip Game

As the pioneer to two-toned lip bars, LANEIGE unveils the revolutionary LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar to up your lip game. The Layering Lip Bar aims to create a natural yet sophisticated lip colour on all women for that extra boost of confidence. Say goodbye to failed attempts of blended lip gradient colours as a swipe of the Layering Lip Bar on the lip leaves a luminously natural glow with a beautiful shade on that luscious pout.


Once again, LANEIGE pioneers its lip bar series as it introduces 6-colours in one lip bar for the first time ever in the beauty industry through the NEW LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar. It creates a 6-colour gradation with just a single touch on the lips for a layer of rich and vivid colour to enable a profound colour expression that fits perfectly on the lips, creating a natural look of plump and voluminous lips.

The NEW LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar comes in Cream and Matte finishing for makeup enthusiasts to experiment with. It is also made of a high-fixing formula, enabling a perfect-fitting and voluminous lip makeup with just one layer of application on the lips. On top of that, a wide variety of 20 shades are available to cater for different desired looks.

Another highlight of the NEW LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar is its rose metal packaging, signifying LANEIGE’s new brand concept, Luminous Beauty for that extra touch of feminine glow and sophistication. The packaging has been improved with additional weights for a more premium feel with an improved and smoother sliding button as well.


The LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar_Cream creates a creamy texture that blends in seamlessly with the lips with just a layer of application for natural glowing plump lips. Designed with multi-layered pigment, LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar_Cream offer the wearer long-lasting rich and highly saturated colour payoff. Another technology used for the lip bar’s creamy texture formation is Ultra Micronized Pigment (UMP) that delivers the exact lip shades as seen on the lips for long-lasting adherence.

Using high-viscosity volumizing resin to adapt to the lip’s optimum volume spectrum, the LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar_Cream provides a dewy glow that comes from within for fuller and voluptuous lips. Formulated with Short Cubic Crystal with smaller particles compared to a traditional lipstick, the lip bar glides effortlessly on to the lips for a luminous glow. With LANEIGE’s original moisturizing technology Moisture Wrap™, it provides the lip with deep hydration throughout the day.


LANEIGE Layering Lip Bar_Matte offers a soft matte finishing with its intense colours and smooth texture that adheres firmly on the lips. The fine pigment powder is refined through jet mill production without any extra processing. Hence, it is made of 100% pure colour pigment powder that gives an intense, rich and vibrant colour with a single touch on the lips.

In addition, the primer powder of the lip bar fills in fine lines and wrinkles on the lips to create a look of blur matte effect. It is also formulated with natural oil named Capric Triglyceride (CSA) from palm tree and coconut oil, leading to a silky and light-weight texture of the lip bar.

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