6 Makeup Tips for Chinese New Year

Post on February 02, 2016 | SOGO
If you’re looking for ways to up your makeup game this Chinese New Year, you’ve come to the right place. Here, our top makeup tips to help you look fabulous while ringing in the Year of the Monkey.

#1 Skincare Always Comes First
An open secret amongst the makeup gurus, applying skincare is the first step to achieving naturally radiant skin. Be careful not to overload your skin with too much though, as the humid weather can make you appear greasy.

#2 Go for BB or CC Creams
Compared to liquid foundation, BB and CC creams feel lighter on skin but can give you enough coverage to mask blemishes and imperfections. For oilier parts of the face like your cheekbones, nose and chin, just use a matte product to keep oiliness at bay.

#3 Wear A Bright Lipstick 
Chinese New Year visiting can get hectic. To instantly jazz up your CNY ensemble or light up your complexion, slick on a bright pink or chili red lippie. Pick a matte texture for long-lasting wear.

#4 Bring On the Falsies 
Asian eyes tend to have monolids which can appear smaller than they are in photos, but the correct pair of false eyelashes can help you fix this problem. To 'open up' your eyes, opt for sparse, shorter lash styles instead of dense, longer ones because they flatter without overwhelming the eyes.

#5 Play with Your Nails 
Instead of the usual red, gold or orange shades, why not have some fun with your manicure and get CNY-themed nail art on your digits? Maneki-neko (fortune cat), CNY greetings like ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Good Fortune’ in Chinese characters, mahjong tiles, glitter, the choices are endless!

 #6 Have Touch-up Essentials with You 
Bring along a concealer, a travel-friendly pressed powder (to avoid spills in your tote) and your favourite long-wearing lipstick. We also recommend packing a few pieces of cotton buds to easily remove any smudges.

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