9 Fashion Rules You Need to Break

Post on May 13, 2016 | SOGO
Over the last few decades or so, when it comes to trends especially in the world of fashion, it is constantly evolving and changing. But one thing’s for sure, rules were meant to be broken. So let’s debunk these fashion myths and start being fashion rebels.

1. Sneakers should only be used at the gym
Heels are sexy and all but come on, give your feet a break! And just because you’ve stowed those 4-inch heels doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. Just ditch those socks (or wear those invisible socks instead) with a button-down shirt and a pair of cropped pants for a cool yet chic look.

2. Sequins and metallics are for after dark only
Well, of course it’s not advisable for you to go all sparkly! Leave the sequined dresses for the next ladies night session. Instead, go for the perfect high-low mix by keeping the sparkle to one piece of clothing and keeping the rest of your outfit simple.

3. Never pair navy and black together
The reason these two shades often get a bad rep when worn together is because the colours are almost identical that one might wonder whether the pairing was accidental or intentional. The trick is to add in a contrasting colour (like white!) and your outfit should be good to go.

4. Short girls shouldn’t wear midi skirts or long dresses
For midi skirts, pick a style that highlights your waist and comes with a more fitted silhouette with a length that rests just below your knee. For long dresses, it can actually make you look taller depending on the fit and how nicely it drapes on your body. But with a good tailor in hand, shorter girls can wear anything that their hearts desire. Because in the end, it all comes down to the perfect fit.

5. Head to toe denim is a no-no
Some might think that this is a tacky fashion statement but you would be surprised how incredibly sophisticated the outcome is, as long as it is of contrasting fits (i.e. loose trousers paired with fitted top). Cautious beginners of this trend should opt with mixing different shades of denim.

6. Horizontal stripes make you look fat or larger
This is an absolute lie of course! But if you’re feeling self-conscious, choose stripes that are on the skinny side and slip on a blazer so the expansion of the stripes is limited.

7. Never mix bright colours
Ever heard of colour blocking before? This trend is all the rage in the fashion arena. Wearing lots of bright colours in one outfit can be a sight indeed. So keep it simple by opting for 2 bright colours in one outfit.

8. Tall women shouldn’t wear heels
Why? So you won’t intimidate men by being taller than them? Heels look absolutely amazing on tall women. So find the highest heels that you can imagine and strut your stuff. You would guarantee to look amazing and feel confident too!

9. When it comes to accessories, less is more
Well, we say more is more! So go ahead and layer those accessories because in the end it’s a matter of personal preference. 

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