Crazy About Bags with Aida Azira

Post on July 03, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Bags, bags and bags! To say that the ladies are in love with their handbags is an understatement. These days, handbags play an essential role in the life of many modern women, from carrying personal belongings around to making an important fashion statement.

Super into handbags? Join us in our third and final episode of CRAZY ABOUT BAG series with Aida Azira. The young and petite influencer takes the centre stage this time as we uncover what essentials she has in her bag. Plus, you could also pick up new style tips with our Q&A session below. Enjoy!

1. Describe your style in 3 words.

Simple, bold and comfortable. Oh! Wait a sec, can I have more than three?


2. How do you style your handbag?

I always find myself favouring any dark coloured bags, especially if it’s in black. Why? Just because it goes well with practically any outfit that I have. Oh, most importantly they are easy to maintain too! What’s not to like, kan? However, I do switch it up with fancier, smaller and dressier bags whenever I have special events to attend. I hope that answered your question.


3. In your opinion, what makes a good handbag?  

I prefer to keep all my essentials neatly and securely in one place, so I will put my money on compartments. A good bag should definitely have lots of it! No doubt about that.


4. How many bags should a woman have? And, how many is too many?

10 is the sweetest spot, nothing more or less.


5. Tips on finding the right bag?

The most important tip of all is that we must and have to be rajin! So, my advice is that to invest a portion of your time browsing for all the available options that are within your spending budget. Next, narrow down your choices and try it out to see which colour, shape, and material looks great on you. Also, whenever possible, bring a friend along as you can always use a second opinion when you have to make the difficult decision.


6.  Would you rather spend your last cash on a handbag or heels? Why?

Handbag all the way! But, only because I have way too many heels! *laugh*


7. Lastly, share with us your top 5 style secrets.

I don’t have that much of a secret to share. Nonetheless, what I can say is that go with the styles that you like and comfortable with. After all, nobody can be a better you than you, kan?


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