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Post on November 14, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
A pure and luminous complexion, vibrant radiance and plumped-up skin are every woman’s beauty secret. But the skin has to cope with all kinds of external factors such as pollution, extreme weather and the passage of time, which disrupt the functioning of its cells and cause dark spots, dull complexion, wrinkles and slackening.

To recreate the purest possible skin radiance, the Givenchy Laboratories – which constantly seek the best in technology and scientific expertise – have developed BLANC DIVIN. A new line of brightening skincare products with a global effect on the skin, developed based on an exclusive innovation, the Glow Reviver ComplexTM. By encapsulating the extraordinary capacities of three natural white-flowering plant extracts, this complex potentialises their brightening power on the skin. The complexion becomes evenly bright, soft and transparent and radiates with a pinkish glow.

BLANC DIVIN, an exceptional and extraordinarily effective range, combines cosmetic innovation with sensorial textures to boost the skin’s radiance.

Brightening Serum Global Skin Radiance

In addition to its generous hydrating properties, this veritable concentrate of effectiveness delivers the exceptional brightening action of the Glow Reviver Complex™ in an iridescent texture. An additional active ingredient extracted from hop cones brings an optimal light-enhancing effect to the skin.

Immediately following application, subtle pink-hued pearlescent particles infuse the face with fresh and natural beauty and increased transparency. Up to one month after the final application, the Serum’s dual brightening and youth-enhancing action is still effective on the skin.
As a result, dark spots visibly fade. Less dull and yellow, the complexion becomes fresh, alive, incredibly pure and radiant

Retail price: RM427 for 30ml

Brightening Purifying Foam

This rich and luscious cream expands when it touches the water, turning into an irresistible cloud of softness and freshness, and offers the skin a “cushion” of utter comfort. Infused with the Glow Reviver Complex™, it intensely cleanses the skin, eliminating impurities, makeup residue, and dullness. The skin’s divine purity is restored.
As a result, the complexion appears more transparent and even; its brightness and freshness are revived. The skin’s texture is refined.

Retail price: RM193 for 125ml

Brightening Lotion Global Transparency 

The first crucial step of a brightening beauty ritual, this ultra-fine lotion combines the fluidity of water with the benefits of the Glow Reviver Complex™, supplemented by the hydrating action of hyaluronic acid and the anti-shine effectiveness of zinc.
Immediately following application, the skin is enveloped in comfortable freshness that brings a revitalising and plumping effect.
As a result, day after day, the skin reveals a new transparency and its texture is smoothed. Purer and brighter, the complexion is more even.

Retail price: RM237 for 200ml

Givenchy Blanc Divin collection is available at Ground Floor Beauty Hall. 

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