Why Aloe Vera Needs to Be in Your Skincare Routine

Post on July 03, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia
Here’s a life hack: Aloe vera is the secret to everything. 

A member of our Trendsetter team came across three aloe vera products and decided to share their experience using them for a week. 

Here's her take on beauty products by Miseoul:

I was skeptical. Aloe vera everything? I only thought about using aloe vera whenever I had a sunburn. And now there was aloe vera sunstick? 

1) Miseoul Aloe Vera Sunstick

Sunblock had always been my enemy. I never liked how sticky it felt, but when I saw that the Miseoul Aloe Vera Sunstick also worked as a moisturiser, I was sold. And it was SPF50!

I applied it, and it didn’t feel like I had anything on. I was immediately impressed. The stick was rounded and easy to apply evenly on the face. Like a lipstick, it has a twisting knob. It also felt soothing to roll the stick around the contours of my face. And it smelled like a grove of trees! 

2) Miseoul Aloe Vera Face Mist

My face had also been feeling dry, so I decided to buy the Miseoul Aloe Vera Face Mist. 

I sprayed it onto my face an arm-length away and squeezed my eyes shut. A light puff of cool air and liquid dusted my face. Like perfume, it smelled sweet. I used it greedily before I made my way to work. 

As I walked to the LRT and to the office, I was sweating, and I had a brilliant idea for the next day. But for the rest of the day, I felt great. Sometimes I smudged my face accidentally, and I could feel a slight stickiness of the sunscreen, but other than that, I felt happy that I was finally taking care of my face. 

When I returned home, I took a shower. I did have to scrub a little harder to get the sunscreen off—but that meant the sunblock lasted the entire day.

3) Miseoul Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner

And then I tried Miseoul’s Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner. 

This conditioner was for all hair types, which was great because I was still figuring out what kind of hair type I had. The downside was that I had to pump a lot into my hand to feel that my hair was smothered with the conditioner, but that may be because I was too used to conditioners that use silicone, which proved that this hair product was natural. And after the shower, my hair did feel softer. 

Final thoughts:

For the rest of the week, I used these three products. My morning routine consisted of: 1) washing my face with a cleanser 2) applying the Miseoul sunstick and 3) spraying the facial mist. The facial mist said to apply this before putting on moisturiser, but I liked using it at the very end of my skin routine.

And now when I get to work, I’m always prepared. I bring the facial mist along with me and refresh myself before I step into the office so that I don’t look like I just went for a jog. I spray the mist on my face and neck and instantly feel better. Sometimes I pat-pat it onto my face, but I like letting my skin absorb the mist. It’s as if I have a bottle of Genting Highlands’ air in my hands. I want to spray it everywhere and walk into the mist. That’s how much I love it. 

Suddenly, I noticed that the pimples on my face have already disappeared. My face has become less oily—and soft. Behold the magic of aloe vera.  

However, I’m not sure how effective the conditioner has been. I started noticing that more of my hair had been falling, but that might just be my own problem. #sorryforoversharing

Over the weekend, I took a flight home and could not bring the aloe vera products with me in my carry-on bag. I left them behind; I regret it very much. A huge zit popped up on the bridge of my nose, right in the middle of my face. And I had a wedding to attend to that night. My hair was also frizzier and harder to manage. 

Aloe vera has become a new and important part of a skin routine I didn’t know I needed. It is beneficial for literally everything. I see now that it can be used for your entire body up to the very roots of your hair. I will probably be buying the entire aloe vera collection now. 

After discovering Miseoul products, my soul is now complete. 

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