11 Reasons Why You Need Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Life

Post on May 16, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia
Apple Cider Vinegar has had a surge of popularity over the recent years despite its benefits being well-known for many centuries. If you haven’t hopped on the Apple Cider Vinegar bandwagon, here are11 reasons why a tablespoon a day of this magical elixir will change your life.

1. Aids in weight loss
Apple Cider Vinegar contains acetic acid that does an amazing job at reducing the amount of fat absorbed by our bodies. It also helps reduce appetite so that you won’t be thinking twice about having those second helpings.

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2. Improves skin conditions
Apple Cider Vinegar is hugely beneficial to maintaining the skin’s pH levels. When taken internally (simply add a tablespoon to a glass of room temperature water daily) or use it as a toner (dilute to a ratio of 1:1) and you’ll be seeing clearer skin in no time!

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3. Detox for your liver
Unhealthy foods and other pollutants from daily life can take a toll on the liver. Therefore it needs to be cleansed on a daily basis. But fret not, as daily intake of Apple Cider Vinegar with water can do just the trick!

4. Helps with digestive issues
When consumed daily, Apple Cider Vinegar aids in proper digestion as well as increasing the body’s absorption of nutrients from food.

5. Reduces bad breath
Shying away from having lengthy conversations with other people because of your gnarly breath? Gargling a concentrated solution of 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 1/3 cups of water for about 20 seconds a day will help you get fresh breath, all day every day!

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6. Aids with heartburn and intestinal issues
Apple Cider Vinegar is well known to help reduce stomach cramps as well as flatulence. It also effectively prevents constipation.

7. Lowers cholesterol
Apple Cider Vinegar can promote a healthy heart by helping to keep cholesterol levels low. Including a tablespoon or two of this ingredient twice a day can keep your arteries healthy.

8. Regulates blood sugar levels
The acetic acid in Apple Cider Vinegar helps slow down the digestion of carbohydrates from food. This ingredient has a powerful blood sugar regulating action; the same effects that you can get from certain oral medications meant for diabetes.

9. Relieves symptoms of blood pressure
Some studies have shown the ability of Apple Cider Vinegar to loosen the blood vessels. This plays a huge part in regulating your blood pressure. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to loosen the constriction and rigidity of blood vessels, hence contributing to lower blood pressure readings.

10. Helps with the flu
If you feel a case of sniffles coming up, a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar may be a useful natural cold remedy to quickly relieve symptoms. The beneficial ingredient in Apple Cider Vinegar can give your immune system a quick boost. 

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11. Great energy booster
Interesting fact about Apple Cider Vinegar; it is high in acid but when processed inside the body, it turns into alkaline. This helps reduce acidity or the high degree of acidosis from the daily stresses of life. This means, with daily intake of Apple Cider Vinegar, your body will become more energised.

With all these beneficial tips from consuming Apple Cider Vinegar daily, this product should definitely be a staple in your kitchen cabinet!

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