Beauty Overview: A Look Back On 2017’s Beauty Trends

Post on January 13, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia
There are many reasons why one would be excited to venture into the new year – a budding romance, an exciting new career and even the prospect of putting a downpayment on a car or a house.
In addition to the important things in life, it also marks the year of the rise of bizarre beauty trends  (unicorn make-up and squiggly eyebrows?) that hit us with a confused look whilst scratching our hair. Even though most of these beauty trends are a miss, the good news is, some are hits that had us looking in the mirror thinking, “hey, that might actually work!”

So here's the Trendsetter team's choice of 8 beauty trends that are here to stay:

1. Arts & Crafts Nails

Hot Red Metallic Nails

Flower Nail Art

Add a different colour and glitter for the win!

Bling nails are all the rage! Whether it’s metallic, 3D or even pierced nails (yes, you read this right!), nail art has definitely stepped up the game in 2017. Gone are the days when you would pick one colour or a maximum of 2 colours for your manicure because these days, the quirkier the nails, the better! So go ahead, forgo the colours that are a norm for you and opt for something different – your manicurists will definitely be eager to try something new!

2. Hair for Days

Endless long locks

Move over Rapunzel! We’ve seen this look on the runway to the hottest celebrities. Curious enough, some of these celebrities seemed to have grown their hair overnight – with the help of hair extensions of course. This is the year where celebs and models alike are sporting hair that’s below the waist, straight and sleek. You would definitely be mistaken as a model who’s just walked off the runway or Morticia Adams. But if you’re thinking of trying this look, it’s time to invest in some deep conditioning and protective stylings ASAP.

3. All Things Glitter

Become a glitter goddess

When it comes to glitter, everything is fair game. From eyeshadows, lipstick, highlights and even manicure – glitter is here to stay. Those that pride in naming the unicorn as their spirit animal will be excited to know that there are loads of make-up tutorials to inspire the unicorn in you. But if you’re just starting to try out, dab a little sparkle on the inner corners of your eyes for that instant glow!

4. Colourful Hair

Rainbow Hair

Icy blonde hair

Highlights to add depth to your hair

Grey, purple, caramel highlights, ombre, cinnamon red, icy blonde; anything goes! We’ve seen celebrities rock the trendiest hair colours of all time in the year 2017. Dyeing your hair or getting a hair makeover can certainly elevate your look. It’s the easiest form of transformation you can do to your appearance and it can vary from drastic to minimal change. But don’t wait for the new year to change your appearance, a simple highlight to your hair can do wonders!

5. Get Glossy

Don't limit yourself to just gloss on the lips

If you think gloss is only meant for the lips, well you’re wrong! If you’re a fan of highlighters, well this might be the new trend you gotta try! The usual norm is highlighting the highest point of your cheekbones and the arch of your eyebrows with a powder-based highlight. But highlighting with gloss can achieve a natural and dewy glow to your overall make-up! 

6. Face Mask

Peel-off masks rid of blackheads and whiteheads

Clay masks to rid of dirt residue and deeply cleans pores

Who hasn’t seen a video of beauty bloggers and influencers alike trying on peel-off / wash off masks? Some of the videos have garnered public interest due to its humour factor, but this trend has seen the rise of this skincare routine among many. Aside from the painful effects that peel off masks have on your skin, picking the right face mask will definitely benefit your skin. So choose the right face mask for your skin type and achieve that perfect complexion!

7. Show Some Nudes

Natural is the way to go

The “No MAKE-UP make-up”? Yes, it’s a thing! Looking effortless takes effort judging from the wide variety of make-up tutorials – put on a some BB cream, dab on concealer, a little bit of mascara, a touch of lip gloss and voila you’re out the door in a matter of minutes. This is certainly the lazy girl’s guide to looking good in a jiffy! So we’d definitely recommend taking on this trend any time and any year.

8. Funky Braids

Interesting braids to complement your look

A little Leia action perhaps?

Double fishtail braid for a hippie vibe

Gone are the days when you would put your hair up on a braid just to hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair. From the regular three-strand braid, french braid, fishtail braid to the milkmaid braid (Google it!), the braid trend is back and here to stay. Besides, it’s a fun new way to give yourself a new look and makes it feel like you’re going to Coachella!

So there you have it Trendsetters! Here are some of the hottest trends that the public has displayed throughout the year of 2017!

Have you sported any of these looks through 2017? Have you spotted any other trends that are not listed above? Drop us a comment below.

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