Best New Eateries to Try

Post on December 06, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia

When the going gets tough, the tough go and fill up their tummies. Although that is not often the case, a happy tummy always equals to a happier you, right? So whenever you got yourself caught in the situation, don’t skip your meal and head straight to any of our best new eatery spots at Lower Ground Floor on the list for a quick fix.


1. LlaoLlao


LlaoLlao is the heaven on earth for all froyo lovers! It’s natural, healthy and of’s yummy too!


2. Cornery


Popcorn is a great all-rounder finger food. You can read a book, walk and even complete your work while you chow the crispiness down to your tummy. And...the huge array of flavours available at Cornery means there’s one to try every day. Yay!


3. Gindaco


Fancy the best of what Japan has to offer? Then why not give Gindaco's delicious Takoyaki or crispy and creamy Taiyaki a try? 


4. Stuff’d


Mexican and Turkish food together at the same place? What’s not to like? With all the selections of the freshest and nutritious ingredients, it’s really hard to not get stuffed (pun intended) at Stuff’d.


5. Pezzo

You have the options to pick just one slice or a combination of different flavours. Hmm...don’t know which topping to choose? Big Daddy, Meat Munchers and Garlic Chic are the must-try toppings at Pezzo!


6. Milkshake Factory

It is the perfect place to cure your sweet tooth cravings. Want something out of the menu? Not a problem because you can create your own signature milkshake with the ingredients of your choice at Milkshake Factory. 


There you go, we have reached the end of our list. Which one are you going to try first?

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