Must Have Accessories For Your OOTD!

Find yourself reaching for the same old bag from your closet?  Well, you're in luck! The SOGO Members' Day Sale is happening at SOGO Central i-City Shah Alam from 4 - 6 October 2019, 10am to 10pm!  Check out our picks for your ... CONTINUE READING.
October 03, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Hot Picks for SOGO Members' Day Sale!

It's here and it's making a comeback with even greater savings, just for you! The SOGO Member's Day Sale in Shah Alam is happening from 4 - 6 October at SOGO Central i-City Shah Alam. To help make your shopping experience a ... CONTINUE READING.
October 01, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Sneakers You Can Rock to the Office

  Whether you work in a startup company or a big time corporate organisation, the days of wearing suits and ties are becoming a thing of the past. It is now perfectly acceptable for the majority of us (doctors or lawyers aren’t ... CONTINUE READING.
September 16, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

5 Ways to Wear Athleisure

You want to go to the gym; you really do. But there’s the hassle of packing clothes, changing clothes, office clothes, dinner date clothes, and more. Athleisure is the way! This fashion trend promotes being comfortable and versatile in and out of ... CONTINUE READING.
August 16, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Make a Splash With These Fashion Staples

Let’s face it; Malaysia is a country that’s summer all year long. So obviously our wardrobe will contain summer essentials like shorts, T-shirts, and sandals. But how do you keep cool while looking, well cool? Here are some fashion staples to add ... CONTINUE READING.
July 13, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Fashion Focus: Oversized Tote Bags

You know the saying; girls can never have too many bags? Funny enough, it can apply to almost every single thing; shoes, clothes, accessories and the list goes on. But when it comes to necessity, having it all should be considered as ... CONTINUE READING.
June 17, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

5 Key Items to Dress Like Your Dad

  As you may have heard by now, dressing up and looking like a dad is surprisingly trending hard this time around. Since Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, we believe the time has never been more perfect for Trendsetter ... CONTINUE READING.
June 06, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Fashion Focus: Sneakers All Day Everyday

Heels are out and sneakers are in! Looks like most women are opting for comfort rather than hobbling around, oozing blisters in tow. Of course there’s nothing wrong with loving a pair of heels, but women shouldn’t feel like they have ... CONTINUE READING.
March 29, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses

  A pair of sunglasses can instantly turn any boring outfit into something worthy of attention. However, finding one that is perfect for your face is never an easy task. Sure, you could always try all the different shapes, sizes, colours and ... CONTINUE READING.
March 27, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

The Fashion Challenge: 5 Ways to Colour Your Life

Hands up if you’re the type to dress according to your mood! It’s proven that the colours you’ve picked to wear can actually improve your mood and has a strong visual effect to your overall image. But of course we don’t have ... CONTINUE READING.
March 22, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia