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Full of joie de vivre, the excitingly 4711 Remix fragrances take you on a new adventure every year, to get out of everyday life together and experience something new: on a journey of discovery in a van, on unforgettable city trips, boundless festival fun or in exotic paradise! No matter which variant you choose, it is more than a fragrance: 4711 Remix is the feeling of unlimited freedom on the skin.

4711 Remix Cologne - Lavender

The blooming freshness of lavender remixed in summer
The soothing scent of lavender caresses like a lilac-coloured cloud, reminiscent of the endless, blooming lavender fields of Provence. With a slight tang, at the same time delicate and soft: Lavender is guaranteed to lift your spirits. But that's not all by a long chalk! Reinterpreted, 4711 Remix Cologne breaks with the traditional lavender associations. The beauty of the fragrance unfolds in a surprisingly different way: gentle, floral, and modern.The smell of freedom and purity, of spontaneity and limitless possibilities. A unique, soothing, and fresh fragrance, this 4711 Remix Cologne is perfect for an unforgettable summer full of joie de vivre and lightness – and for the next adventure.



4711 Remix Cologne - Lemon

The fresh, cheeky lemon scent of 4711 Remix Cologne Lemon takes you on adventures in the middle of the urban jungle. The fragrance smells lively and juicy and is an expression of pure joie de vivre! A young fragrance for everyone who wants to bring the energy kick of summer home. In the modern Eau de Cologne, the lemon shines in a fresh mix with exotic facets of spicy shisho and aromatic yuzu. Floral notes in the heart add a soft side to the fragrance. A solar accord gives the Eau de Cologne positive radiance.


4711 Remix Cologne - Orange

The Eau de Cologne 4711 Remix Cologne (Orange) from the fragrance house 4711. As orangey as you have never smelled orange before from sweet, fruity and tangy to spicy and tart. A fresh, bold, and surprising mix that exudes sun, energy and pure joie de vivre. Noble restraint now has a break!
Escape your everyday life and be who you want to be - opening up your own new olfactory horizons with 4711.
Now available at SOGO Kuala Lumpur and SOGO Central i-City Shah Alam.

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