Are You Cleansing Your Skin Right?

Post on August 07, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

So cleansing your face, pretty straightforward right? Splash on some water, rub on a product, wash off and you’re good to go! But did you know it takes a little more care and consideration than that to make the most of your daily cleansing routine?

Proper facial cleansing prevents acne breakouts and improves skin health. So here’s a few faux pas that you might need to avoid in your daily cleansing routine.

1. Skipping the morning cleanse

Morning or night – never forget to cleanse your face! Even if you don’t wear make-up throughout the day. Our skin is exposed to all sorts of dirt and pollution which means not removing all that gunk on your face will cause skin irritation and acne breakouts. But if you’ve cleansed at night, why do it in the morning right? Well, germs on your pillowcase can move to your face when you sleep. A quick rinse in the morning is enough to freshen the skin and allows better absorption of your skincare products as well!

2. Hot water is not your best friend

Here’s a myth you should know; hot water doesn’t open pores and cold water won’t close them either. Messing with the water temperature from extremely cold to extremely hot will not only shock your skin but will possibly cause damage as well. So keep the temperature to lukewarm and your skin will thank you.

3. Face cleansers are not make-up removers

Your cleansing product should not double as your make-up remover. Many make-up brands are waterproof and a basic cleanser will not be able to remove all of the make-up. But don’t go reaching out for the make-up wipes just yet! Even though make-up wipes are an easy option, but it won’t entirely dissolve your make-up. So opt for micellar water or an oil-based make-up remover before reaching out for your cleanser.

4. Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type

It seems only logical to go for a hardcore cleanser for acne prone or oily skin but the fact is if you go too harsh it will only make your skin problems worse. This is why so many companies have created products that cater to every skin type and skin concern. So take some time to understand your skin and read through the ingredients in the products as well.

5. Wiping your face with a towel

Do you wipe your face and body with one towel? Even though you’ve just hopped off the shower freshly washed, bacteria can still spread from your body to your face. So, have a separate cloth to wipe or face or just air dry your face – that works too!

6. Too much is never too good

The length of time you lather during your cleansing routine does not mean you’ve cleansed your face off of that dirt and grime. You should aim to lather for about 20 to 30 seconds before rinsing off. Exfoliating more than twice a week does more harm than good to your skin as well. So remember, too much of a good thing is never good!

Are you guilty of doing all these during your cleansing routine? Well, it’s time to develop good skincare habits for healthy looking skin!

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