How to Cut Toxic People Out of Your Life

Post on October 26, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


We’ve heard of food detox – cutting out unhealthy foods that cause your body more harm than good. But what about giving your body and mind a break from toxic people? Toxic people can be extremely dangerous. They distract from life’s positive and productive habits. Toxic people can cling on you for quite some time – even years! So here are a few tips to remove toxic people from your life.

1. Identify the toxic person

The first step is recognising the fact that this person is harming you. Take a step back and think about the person you’re surrounded with. Are they manipulative? Selfish? If your relationship with that person is weighing you down and making you feel bad, then it’s time to let go.

Set boundaries and be firm with it

Set your boundaries and stick to it! Be firm with your boundaries because toxic people will use your weakness to sneak back into your life. Be very clear with the person involved of your intentions. Once you’ve decided to end the relationship, it is your responsibility to keep the guidelines crystal clear.

3. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself

Keep it simple – tell them calmly and kindly that you do not want them to be a part of your life anymore and leave it at that. Anymore explaining you do will be for you than for them.

4. Block them on social media

Technology makes distancing yourself from people very hard. So don’t leave any room for negative people to bully you. You’ve made the decision to cut that person from your life, you’ve set your boundaries and now it’s time to stick to it! This includes blocking negative people IRL (in real life) and via social media channels as well.

5. Treat it like a break-up

Every human being needs a relationship – but we definitely don’t need a relationship that’s filled with more pain than support! The more selective you are of the people that surround you, the more successful you’ll be.

Do you have a “Negative Nancy” in your crowd? Well, it’s time for you to make room for people who bring you happiness and let go of people who bring you anything less. Remove yourself from toxic people because now it’s time to find people that are uplifting, positive and important to you!

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