Stay Stylish Without Going Broke

Post on August 30, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


Shopping is always fun when we have the extra dough to spend, right? But, do we really have to spend more to in order to look good? Well, the truth is...with careful and smart choices, anyone can look just as good without having the need to break the bank. Here are some guidelines on how to stay fashionably in style while staying on your budget.


1. Check your inventory


Take some time to assess what you already own in your closet. Knowing what you own will save you from wasting your money on things that you don’t need. Your goal is to expand your wardrobe with different items so you can mix and match it for all occasions.


2. Aim the look, not the brand


Skip the name on the tag as it comes with a premium price. Figure out what exactly that the brand is doing that makes you love their product, and then search for a different brand that produces something similar for less. Trust us, there are tons of brands out there offering goods at a range of prices, so do your homework and scout for the best deal, alright?


3. Go for versatility


An outfit that can be worn in multiple ways means more moolah you can save for the future! So, before pulling your trigger on your next purchase, try to visualise whether it is easy to be mixed and matched. If you can picture yourself wearing it for more than just one occasion, rest assure that it is on the right track.


4. Can’t beat the classics


Never waste your hard earned money on trends that will probably die out in just a couple of months. One of the best ways to stay within your budget is to go with the classics. The good old plain tee and jeans will never go out of style as it has been around long enough to transcend trends. Oh, the best part is that they are freaking cheap and will stay relevant for years to come.



What? Come on, how else can you save up? It is during a sale that you can really go big and go home with a huge smile on your face. Just bear in mind that you should never bust your budget.

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