Reasons to Dress Well Everyday

Post on November 01, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Nothing can beat the feeling of wearing sweatpants, loose shirts and looking like you don’t care. But, since life is too short, why don’t we style up? People are going to judge your appearance whether you like it or not, so we might as well put on a heck of a show, right? If you are still not convinced it’s worth the hassle to look your best, try reading all the benefits that you can reap if your style is on point. We are quite confident that you’ll change your mind at the end of this article.


1. A confident booster 
Dressing well improves your confidence. And, if you look good, you’ll feel good. Isn’t that the case?

2. Ace the first impression
We only have less than 3 seconds to nail it right. Make it count!

3. You aren’t always young
Take advantage of the little years you have to highlight your best feature with a kickass outfit. If you don’t, you’ll look back and regret not doing so when the only clothes you can wear are kain sarung and adult diapers.

4. It is actually fun
Dressing up like every day is special is very rewarding.

5. You’ll stand out
People can tell that you put in extra attention to pick out

Now that you know all the benefits of dressing well, swing by SOGO to shop for the latest fashion has to offer!

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