Dress Your Best With Dressing Paula

Post on April 07, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Putting your best fashion foot forward has its’ limitations when it comes to the urban woman. A sophisticated and modern woman takes care in exuding a quiet confidence within her that will translate to her choice of clothing; sexy yet chic.

Dressing Paula is a collection of clothes that accentuates and shows off a woman’s body with a dash of elegance. A woman should always look her best whether in corporate meetings or social events. 

Dressing Paula allows women to be noticed for who they are and empower women with their brand of clothing. 

Not Your Basic White Dress

A white dress is elegant but add a dash of fiery red prints will garner the eyes to the attention of the wearer. (price: RM139.90)

Walk into any meeting or social event with this number and you will definitely be the centre of attention. (price: RM149.90)

Casual With A Side of Chic

Look predominantly casual chic with this asymmetrical dress (price: RM179.90). The delicate prints and cut-outs will definitely bring a spring to your step!

Bodycon Ready

There’s just something sexy about a woman in a bodycon dress. She exudes confidence and with an added print like this, she can walk into a room with a strut that’s undeniably provocative (price: RM129.90).

Visit Dressing Paula at SOGO's 1F Ladies Gallery and don yourself with a brand of signature clothing with a subtle twist that’s tailored for the quiet and confident urban woman.

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