Fashion App-eal Week 6

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The notorious reptilian label is wildly popular for two iconic reasons: It was founded by the world’s #1 tennis legend, and their preppy style polo shirt. Created from René Lacoste's love of the game and his passion for innovation, the brand focuses their direction to incorporate a touch of French elegance to the everyday wardrobe. In which became one of their unique DNA that we continue to love today.


Lacoste is unmistakably a staple favourite for the majority of the style conscious men and women, all thanks to their impeccable quality products. Plus, their perfect balance between function and style has cemented the brand to be one of the leaders in the streetwear and dapper scene too.


Showing no signs of slowing down even after 80 years, the French brand continues to take over the world and revolutionise the fashion industry by introducing the freshest designs every season. And, guess what? You can now get your hands on the French finest as your favourite brand has recently unlocked their brand new store at Fashion Arena, SOGO.  




The prize just keeps on getting better! So, put your luck to the test to be in a running to win a Messenger Bag by Lacoste worth RM279 each. And, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below.


1. Download MYSOGO Mobile App from Google Play or App Store

2. Screenshot the mobile app version of the featured 'Fashion App-eal Giveaway' article.

3. Email the screenshot to [email protected] with the following details


  • Name

  • Contact

  • IC Num

  • Email Subject: Fashion  App-eal Giveaway Week 6




Good luck!

Terms and conditions apply.


Congrats to our Fashion App-eal Giveaway Week 6 winners!

Winner 1 : Yap Chooi Mei
Winner 2 : Pat Yok Yin


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