Fashion Focus: Oversized Tote Bags

Post on June 17, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia
You know the saying; girls can never have too many bags? Funny enough, it can apply to almost every single thing; shoes, clothes, accessories and the list goes on.

But when it comes to necessity, having it all should be considered as the smartest move. We can list down every single type of handbags out there but many would agree that tote handbags has got to be the top choice in every woman’s handbag wardrobe. 

Check out our top choices on why this should be the most coveted bag for every woman:

1. Size

Face it, when it comes to bags, size does matter. A woman needs to be able to carry most of her essential items especially with a day filled with errands. Plus points if the tote bag will be able to carry your whole life in it!

2. Multi-use

Tote handbags have a million uses. It can be used for grocery shopping, travelling, going to the gym, laptop bags and much more. Name the occasion and you’d be reaching for your tote bag for your necessities.

3. Variety of designs

There’s a tote bag out there that fits every woman’s needs and lifestyle. It comes in many variations of design and materials. You can even make your very own tote bag to suit your personal taste!

4. Goes with anything

You can literally wear this with anything! Finding a bag that matches all your everyday outfits can be quite a chore but a tote bag can be the perfect accessory to compliment your look!

5. Easy to carry

Some bags are so hard to carry. The handles are either too short or too long and they would inevitably fall off your shoulders. But tote bags come with a reasonable handle length so you can just flung on your shoulders with ease.

Miss Suri Tote in Beige
Grab this functional bag by Miss Suri here

Cop this uber chic bag by Ellphe here

This list might be considered as short but hey, getting a tote handbag is a no brainer. So head on over to SOGO today and get your pick on handbags to go with your daily needs.

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