7 Types of Eyeglasses to Step Up Your Wardrobe

Post on July 14, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia
Don’t be ashamed of having terrible vision; turn it into fashion! The styles and trends of eyeglasses have evolved and have been altered to fit every face and shape.

Before choosing your glasses frames, check out these popular trends to decide which personality you want to put on your face. 

1. Cat-eye glasses

From the runway to the streets, the cat eye glasses have been a favorite among celebrities for many years, and now we can be as chic as them. This frame gives any woman a more retro but sexy look, intelligent but mysterious. Wear these glasses with any and all of your outfits, and get mistaken for a celebrity.

2. Hipster glasses

Glasses are cool—and so are you! The hipster glasses come in many shapes and designs to let you stand out. They also feature a slightly oversized frame to give you a geek chic look. Now you can decide to be a geeky chick or a chic geek?

3. Clear transparent framed glasses

Want to subtly look elegant but also look stylish? Try these transparent frames to highlight your eyes and let the glasses blend to your face, almost as if you’re wearing air. The glasses also work as an accessory. We recommend wearing clothes in lighter tones to emphasize the glasses.

4. Grandpa glasses

Much like the cycle of life, fashion has a recurrence cycle. Retro becomes the new modern. Attain effortless elegance with these frames, and you’ll never go wrong in your wardrobe with this timeless classic. Your grandpa might be cooler, but you can still nearly be as hip as him.

5. Sporty aviator glasses 

Who said glasses look nerdy? With these type of glasses, you can put on this whole new confidence by looking classy and slick. For both men and women, the sporty aviator glasses will complement anyone’s facial features. Now go put those glasses on and look like you’re about to board your private jet!

6. Gold metal eyeglasses

Old is gold! Delicate, fancy, and quirky, these glasses will make any outfit look more fun and stylish. We recommend wearing it to work so that you can step up that office fashion look and look smart.

7. Clubmaster style glasses 

Step up that eyebrow game! The Clubmaster glasses frame are thicker at the top of the lenses, accentuating one’s browline. Subtly classy, this frame will make a distinct impression on people when you meet them. This frame is perfect for someone who wants to look cool-but-not-too-cool-for-school.

Find out which type of eyeglasses frame works best for you, your face shape, and your personality; and be proud of it. People who don’t need glasses wish they were as cool as us.

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