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Post on June 21, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia
Have you ever seen a woman’s purse and wonder what’s inside? Chances are most women will carry their whole lives in a bag.

But what are the items that you can’t leave the house without? We asked our Trendsetter Team to look inside their bag and reveal their must-have products.

1. Sunscreen 

Kayla – Watch Vogue’s 73 questions videos and every celebrity will tell you that their go-to beauty product is sunscreen. Even without the sun shining, I’ll still slap on some sunscreen because I’m not about that wrinkle life.

2. Perfume

Khaliss – A quick refresher is definitely a must when it comes to the hot weather. Be sure to get a scent that smells fresh so a quick spritz will wake you up. And I always make sure I get a mini travel-friendly fragrance too!

3. Moisturiser

Ika – Working inside an office with the A/C on for 8 hours can really take a toll on the skin. By the time it’s 2pm, my skin is screaming for moisture. So I will always keep a small tub of moisturiser in my bag to give treat my skin. It helps if you have a face mist too!

4. Lipstick

Fiza – I cannot live without lipstick! Sometimes the only make-up I need is just lipstick to give my face that extra factor. But of course, being a girl I would always have different shades of lippies in my make-up bag just in case I need a change of colour!

Well there you go ladies and gents! Trendsetter Team has spoken and spilled their favourite beauty products!

But what’s in your bag? If it feels empty we’d suggest for you to head on over to Ground Floor Beauty Hall at SOGO Kuala Lumpur, SOGO Central i-City, Shah Alam and SOGO Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru for our Beauty Finds Promotion from today till 14 July! 

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