Le Beau & La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Post on November 02, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Jean Paul Gaultier created the bottle of La Belle - and the bottle appeared; in the shape of a woman’s bust.

It was red dipped in pink, and spoke of modesty as well as the most lascivious licentiousness. Around the neck, gold roses formed a necklace, a modest covering that serve only as an invitation to a final and temptation-filled unveiling.

Then, Jean Paul Gaultier created the bottle of Le Beau, and the bottle appeared. In the shape of a naked chest. It was green, and it shimmered. A leaf of vine, in gold, carefully placed where the eyes might linger.

Jean Paul Gaultier created the casing of La Belle, and the case appeared in the garden.

It was the softest green, almost almond, and amongst the foliage of this very modern Eden, matched with everything. Its gold letters gleamed, and it was oh-so-tempting to touch the fruit, - and it wasn’t even forbidden!

Jean Paul Gaultier created the casing for Le Beau, and the case appeared at the foot of a bush. It was emerald green, so dark, reminding us of all that is lush in this world. Its golden letters glimmering like the honey of original desire.

Jean Paul Gaultier looked at the two provocative, sexy cases, and said: "Presentation is everything - and nothing!"

Jean Paul Gaultier opened the case of La Belle, took the bottle, and inhaled deeply the essence of the perfume.

It smelled of oriental vanilla, but a vanilla so fresh, it quenched the soul. He could also identify vetiver; where the miraculous smell of fruit, a pear, was clearly pointing.

Jean Paul Gaultier opened Beau's case and, closing his eyes, inhaled (no denials here). The smell of coconut wood inspired a profound desire to relax, while the bergamot and the tonka bean whispered to him that lounging was the most refreshing of sins.

Jean Paul Gaultier inhaled both perfumes together, and declared: "They go well together. Forever and ever.”

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