These 5 Habits May Be the Reason Why You Can't Get Rid of Acne Scars

Post on November 25, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


You’ve done it all; eating a well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, followed your skincare routine to a tee but your acne scars just won’t go away!

First you’ve had to deal with the volcano that is your acne and now the scars just won’t let you forget! You’ve endured enough and we might just have an idea on why your scars just won’t fade away.

Here’s 5 habits you have that may be the reason for your prolonged acne scars.

1. Skipping sunscreen

Acne treatments makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays, so applying sunscreen is a vital step to ensure your acne doesn’t scar. Exposure to sun will most likely cause scars to discolor and take more time to heal.

2. Poppin’ pimples

We probably sound like a broken record but popping a pimple does more harm than good. Picking at your pimples can cause inflammation so it’s best to just leave it alone.

3. Using towels to wipe your face

Using towels or even washcloths seem like a normal thing to do, but this can be quite harsh to your skin. Even if you regularly wash your towels or washcloths, it won’t be clean enough for your skin. You should consider air drying the excess water on your face or even slowly using dabbing motions to wipe off the water from your skin.

4. Wearing heavy make-up

It’s tempting to cover your blemishes by caking your skin with foundation and concealer, but they might just irritate your skin and make your acne scars worse. Opt for light-weight and oil free foundation for your skin to breathe or better yet go make-up free!


Too much exfoliation can cause trauma to the skin. It’s best to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week to get rid of the dirt and gunk from your face.

Go ahead and break these habits for good and you’ll be on your path to flawless looking skin! For more advice from the beauty experts, make your way to our Ground Floor Beauty Hall today.

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