Gifts No Man Wishes To Get On Valentine’s Day

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Guess what ladies? Valentine's Day is just days away from us! Like you, the gents enjoy receiving gifts as much as they love giving one to you too. And, we believe you might have heard the “it’s the thought that counts” at least a million of times, right? Though (principally) it is true, but in reality there is actually a pile of no-no gifts that we pray our dearest will never ever thought of gifting it to us.  *Fingers crossed*


As a way to avoid the possibility that might put us in a complicated drama, we think it would be best for us to extend our manly hands and help the ladies out with a guideline of things no man wishes to get on Valentine’s Day. Simply because nothing says “I love you” more than a well and thoughtful gift.




A calendar would be a wonderful gift at the time when TV was still in monochromatic colours. We now prefer to carry our meetings, agendas and to-do list digitally in our pocket to wherever we go. But, if you still insist to rely on a thing of the past, we are open to accept either a weekly or daily planner instead.


Shower Gel / Perfume


Isn’t it suppose to be your gift to us? And…not the other way round? So, why not let us make our own personal decision of picking our own scent. Just so you know, a man prefers not to be told of how they should smell like for the rest of the year. Thanks, but urgh no thanks.




Ahh...nothing beats the feeling of unwrapping a present to see a folded tie in a box. Really? Well, no man will jump on their seat whenever they see one. For your information, it falls in the boring and forgettable gift category according to most men. We understand that it is practical and useful, but...exciting? We highly doubt that.




In case you didn’t know, it is universally known as the worst gift ever! They don’t last that long and so will you...if you decide to give us a pair this year.




The last time we checked, we don't have a curfew. Which means that we no longer need our mom to get us our tighty whities. Worry not, we can manage and pick it out on our own. Our package should be kept between the two of us, and not with the salesperson. “Three's a crowd.”


Gym Membership


*Clears throat* Hmm, excuse us? No, we believe the proper term is excuse you. Are you secretly trying to tell us that you hate all of the extra cushioning? Come on, there’s more to love, no? Psst...but we will make an exception if we are living an unhealthy life and our health is under jeopardy.




The chances of us using it is indeed very slim...or nearly close to impossible if we are honest. Especially when you pair it up with a personalised message like “World’s Best BF” or “Mr. & Mrs” for example. It’s just tacky, so please do us a favour and don’t give us one, comprende? Express your love and tell us how awesome we are in a different way.




Though it is hard to say no to this, we would much prefer to save it only for the special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Hmm..maybe just a slice of cake this year, on top of a real gift. *wink*


Picture Frames with Pictures in Them don’t have to, and yea, we are serious. Don’t get it wrong, we won’t think twice to go through walls, stop a bullet or give away one of our kidneys for you. But, what we do mind is a tasteless present. Ladies, a picture frame is indeed one of it. So please, think outside of the box, or perhaps in this case...outside of the frame.


Text Message


Gee, thanks! That is all you are going to get this year if you decide to send us one. We appreciate the effort that you make. However, we will cherish it even more if you go the extra mile of not sending us one. What you can do instead, if you still wish to go by this route is to get us a card with your handwritten wishes. It feels more personal and we oh so love it.


We believe we have pointed out (almost) everything that we do not wish to get on Valentine’s Day. So, when you go out to get your man a gift, remember to stay away from items that are on the list. *wink*

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Shahida Mhd Tahir posted on 2018-02-05 22:33:27
Very fun to read! ♥️