Givenchy Autumn-Winter 2017 Collection

Post on November 07, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Le Rouge Sculpt

Givenchy’s first two-toned lipstick offers “colour and contour” in a single stick. Its architecture restructures the lips with a single stroke. Its sculpting, volume-enhancing effects reshape the smile. The lips are adorned with a luminous shade, while their darker graphic contour perfectly reshapes the mouth.
A collection within a collection. This must-have comes in five colour combinations, each featuring a vibrant inset shade highlighted by its own structuring shadow.
To ensure an elegant visual balance, the contour shade is tone-on-tone with the inset shade, but has been enriched with a revealing black made from eosin to bring out the inset. Boosted by this colour-enhancer, it naturally lights up, producing a graphic, poetic result. Sensual and rebellious.
These limited edition lipsticks offer all the qualities of the LE ROUGE range: a creamy texture for a comfortable semi-matte finish; ultra-concentrated pigments ensuring maximum coverage; beeswax and hyaluronic acid microspheres to build volume and moisturise the lips.

Le Rouge Sculpt is priced at RM178 each.

Blush Noir Révélateur Limited Edition

For the first time ever, Noir Révélateur is available in a blush.
Its black formula containing eosin reacts with the skin’s pH to reveal a personalised pinkish tint for a boldly romantic result.
A volatile oil retains mattifying powders and a silicone elastomer, both of which are released on application, bringing elasticity and comfort with no greasiness.
This light, fresh and powdery texture accentuates the natural effect on the cheekbones.
Blush Noir Révélateur is priced at RM173

Noir Interdit Mascara

The first Givenchy mascara with a bendable brush that can reach 90° for optimum application, paired with next-generation black pigments for extreme volume and length.
It can be applied closer to the eye than ever loading the lashes from their roots, and its vertical application method guarantees that each fibre will enjoy maximum length and density, right from the first strokes. Curved just like a lash fringe, the brush clings even closer to coat each right to the tip.
Get your hands on Givenchy’s most daring mascara for only RM156.

For more on Givenchy's latest Autumn-Winter 2017 collection, visit Ground Floor Beauty Hall today.

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