Givenchy Gentleman

Post on November 05, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Sensitively Masculine
It takes nerve to unveil one’s sensitive side and courage to opt for delicateness. Givenchy Gentleman dares to be gentle.

An unexpected floral twist, like a gentleman with his own, unique take on elegance. The classic touch of lavender is altered by noble iris, that master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp placed at the heart of the fragrance. It brings nobility to the composition, ensuring a powdery, sophisticated – and, yes, seductive – facet. Especially when combined with smooth, sweet pear in a rather unlikely addition of tenderness.

By contrast, in a subtle nod to the original 1975 release, a patchouli-leather accord bursting with character elegantly structures this new woody floral fougère fragrance.

With these multiple facets and strong personality, Givenchy has dared to offer a delicate yet dauntless fragrance, creating a timeless trail for the modern man who fully accepts his nuances and paradoxes. A contemporary gentleman who exudes refinement without ever seeming to try.

Relaxed and Refined
The bottle emulates the contemporary gentleman. A man at once casual and refined who has an innate sense of elegance but never overdoes it. It’s like a tuxedo worn with a stylishly relaxed attitude – with no bow tie. But with definite style.
While the look of the original 1975 bottle is easily recognisable with its sleek lines and weighty glass, the details make all the difference and convey modernity in this new version. A glossy black lacquer adorns the cap, while a black band wraps around the bottle – a bottle marked by contrasts: noble yet gentle, minimalist yet impactful, sophisticated yet nonchalant. Assuredly, a neo-classic.

Gentleman Givenchy EDT is priced at RM310 for 50ML and RM427 for 100ML, and available at Ground Floor Beauty Hall. 

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