Givenchy New Ready-To-Cleanse Range

Post on August 04, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

The French luxury fashion powerhouse has recently introduced READY-TO-CLEANSE, a new range of cleansers and make-up removers that meet women’s needs and simplify their lives. The collection comprises of four key products, all more effective, sensorial and easy-to-use than ever before, suitable for all types of make-up, from the nudest to the most sophisticated. Givenchy optimal combination of texture, performance and designs are an ideal choice make-up removal routine for all skin types. It works like magic to eliminate even the strongest colours while lifting away the daily build-up of superficial impurities, leaving you with radiant and glowing skin.




It’s ideal if you’re looking for a make-up remover that’s as effective as a milk, but light and fresh like water. On application, its melting, milky texture releases oils that gently lift make-up away leaving skin clear, radiant and comfortable with no oily feeling. It also contains moisturising shea butter to help nourish and protect the epidermis. Best of all, Givenchy Fresh Cleansing Milk removes all makeup, even if it's waterproof!




The luxurious feel of a creamy foam Cleansing Cream-in-Gel cleanses gently and effectively. On contact with water, its gel texture transforms into a creamy foam that eliminates impurities, dullness, and every last trace of pollution. This gentle cleansing action utilises two surfactants, plus glycerine, to maintain the natural balance of the epidermis. The ultra-sensory texture preserves the skin’s moisture, provides a real sensation of softness and free from impurities.



Givenchy Micellar Water Skin Toner is made to be the one-stop everyday make-up remover. The buildup-free formula helps removes makeup easily with a single stroke while the watery texture dissolves within seconds, cleansing your skin while maintaining its natural balance. It revives your complexion with its incredibly invigorating freshness while preserving the skin’s hydration. Regular usage promotes softer, brighter and more supple skin that you longed for.




Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover is the essential product for taking care of your eyes. Its next-generation formula consisting of a light, dry oil suspended in ultra-fresh water is the ultimate combination of effectiveness and comfort. It even lifts away waterproof makeup of the densest textures and colours, with no need to rub, thereby perfectly protecting the delicate eye area. Skin is clear, fresh and soothed, with no oily or sticky feel.


Givenchy Ready-To Cleanse range is now available at Ground Floor Beauty Hall.

Givenchy RTC Micellar Water 200ML - RM150
Givenchy RTC Cleansing Milk 200ML - RM150
Givenchy RTC Cleansing Gel 150ML - RM150
Givenchy RTC Dual Phase Eye Mup Remover 125ML -RM150


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