Givenchy's Points D'Encrage Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

Post on April 13, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Traditionally, dreaming about ink is thought to symbolise creativity and changes in your personal life as well as harmony and good news.
Red ink, for example, promises a passionate romance.
For the Givenchy woman, Nicolas Degennes has turned his dream into reality with a Spring-Summer 2017 Collection that is awash with inks, mingling and diluting each other to create new shades.

POINTS D'ENCRAGE explores the surprising nature of ink, which reveals a luminous variation of shades from the lightest to the most concentrated, in an infusion of colour. 

For Nicholas Degennes, ink has the ideal texture for combining colour and a lightweight feel. This contrast can be seen throughout the collection, which includes formulas in a deep shades that become delicate and sheer upon applying.

Highlighter Mémoire De Forme (must-have)

Highlighter Mémoire De Forme

This "inkwell" by Givenchy contains a new Mémoire De Forme pink gel for a natural radiance and a dewy complexion.

The suprising texture will already be familiar to fans of the Givenchy blush. But this time, this revolutionary gel has been given a subtle pearly shimmer to create a contouring highlighter. Its lightweight feel and practical format make this fountain of light the perfect tool for quality strobing.

Apply to the bridge of the nose, apples of the cheeks and outer corners of the eyelids for an illuminating complexion.

Prisme Libre Travel

Prisme Libre Travel

A loose powder suitable for all skin tones that creates the most beautiful complexion with a matte and luminous finish.

The Prisme Libre Travel that's designed for travel has to be simple, elegant and intuitive...and very couture. Like a stamp in a passport, it will follow you wherever you go. A visa for your travels!

Huile Irrésistible Pour Les Lèvres (Limited Edition)

Huile Irrésistible Pour Les Lèvres

Nourishing and natural. In this luxurious formula, 38% is composed of five plant oils rich in fatty acids to plump up, soften and hydrate your lips. Best of all, it has lasting benefits for your lips; hydrating, nourishing and more beautiful.

Le Vernis Givenchy (Limited Edition)

Le Vernis Givenchy

A violet ink, translucent and luminous for a natural and elegant result. The colour intensifies with every application.

Apply as a top coat over your favourite shade will give them a new dimension with even more shine.

Liner Vinyl & Encre à Cils (Limited Editions)

Liner Vinyl & Encre à Cils

Liner Vinyl
A bluish-black indian ink with a high concentration of blue shimmer. Its' brush allows you to draw a precise line to emphasise your eyes

Encre à Cils
This new top coat is infused with pearlescent blue shades and has an aqueous and non-sticky formula. The blue ink, intensifies the colour of your usual mascara when used at the tip of the lashes and the applicator is shaped to help accentuate the natural curve of your lashes. And for women who don't wear mascara, this ink will add colour with a weightless feel.

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