Gotta Catch 'Em All at KL SOGO!

Post on August 20, 2016 | SOGO
With the entire nation going gaga over the PoGo phenomenon, we are calling out all avid Pokémon Go trainers to head on down to SOGO for a full-on Ash Ketchum-like experience. Here's what's in store for you:

1)  Lure Modules = A Visit by your Favourite Pokémons

All Pokémons regardless of size, species, type and surprising rarity gravitate towards the deployment of lure modules. With over 20 sessions of Lure Modules deployed daily at 2 of our very own PokéStops, you can never quite go wrong with your quest to upscale and fill up the empty slots on your Pokédex. While you're at it, feel free to fill up your bag with the all important PokéBalls, Razzberries and Potions.

Check out SOGO's Lure Deployment Schedules here.

2) Send your Prized Pokémon Atop of our PokéGym

It ain't just about catching em' all. When it comes to showing whose the top dog, the only way to settle it is via a Gym Battle. Paint our PokéGym with the colour of your team and show off your mightiest Pokémon for all aspiring Pokémon Masters to give it a go against your kingpin.

3)  Catch a Rare One Here

How's that Pidgey and Ratata farming going for you? Isn't it annoying when the only spawn around you is an annoying Zubat? Fret not, look forward to a more fun-filled adventure here as we have trainers coming across hoards of Eevee's and Dratini's. These 2 little ones can be mighty gratifying when they evolve especially when you finally get yourself the ultra legendary Dragonite. This beast can be seen ruling PokéGyms all around Klang Valley. Not to forget  cameo appearances from the fire emblazoned Ponyta and whole load of Magikarps too. Patience is key with the Magikarp but...Let's not go there. It's utterly scary and almost like something from Ancient Greek mythology.

4) Finally, We've Got Prizes Too!

Now this one is no virtual or augmented reality. Bag home some gift vouchers from SOGO. Click here to find out how you could be snagging these gift vouchers.

It's indeed fun times to be able to experience Pokémon like never before. Having said that, we would like to leave you with a kind reminder to look out for your safety at all times while engaging yourself with this unique gaming experience.

Image sourced from: Nintendo


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