5 Tips for Great Hair Day, Everyday!

Post on October 06, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

It's never too late to care for your hair! Be it an hour when you wake up every morning or an easy breezy five minutes, you can’t deny that a good hair day can instantly make your day.

Here are some top tips to score major #hairenvy points:

1. Deal wet hair with extra care

A hot shower can definitely soothe the soul, but it can actually dry out your strands. So shampoo and condition with lukewarm water and complete your shower with a blast of cold water. It helps close the hair cuticle, giving strands a smoother look. Plus it helps maintain and seal in your hair colour too.

2. Condition always and in the right way

Always use conditioner with every wash as it helps to restore moisture to your strands. There's loads of conditioner for every type of hair, so there's no excuses not to use one.

3. Be careful with heat

Give your hair a rest when it comes to hair dryers and heated styling tools. Just let loose and let it hang dry the au-naturale way.

4. Deep condition every week

Take some during the week to deep condition your hair for that extra hydration. This is key to having that glossy crown of glory.

5. Care for your scalp

Healthy scalp equals to healthy hair growth. If you're dealing with dandruff, use a product that has a salicylic acid ingredient to exfoliate flakes away.

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