Grooming Habits For Stylish Men

Post on November 13, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

The time has finally changed that men are starting to take extra steps in how they present themselves. It is now perfectly acceptable for the alphas to spend minutes and perhaps hours in the bathroom without giving off any suspicion. So, if you wish to look your best, smell better and have an impeccable style without wasting your time and fortune, check out 10 simple grooming habits for you to add as part of your routine.


1. Shampoo less.


Shampoo works like wonder in getting rid of dirt and oil on your scalp, leaving you with a healthy hair that is easier to maintain and style. But, shampooing too much will only do more harm than good as it will lead to dry and brittle hair. To meet middle ground, try washing your hair 2-3 times per week and to just rinse it every other day.


2. Pick a signature scent


Fragrance is as important as your style and look, you want the scent to be a subtle part of your overall presence. So, start saving and invest in quality scents that compliment your style, personality as well as your natural body chemistry. Oh, learn how to pick your signature scent here!


3. Pay your barber a visit


Did you know that our hair grows an average of a quarter of an inch per month? And, for that reason you shouldn’t wait for your hair to get all fluffy and mushroomy to book an appointment with your barber. Get frequent trims once a month to ensure your hair stays neat all year long.   


4.  Get new toothbrush

The first two things every woman notices - what you wear on your feet and the pearly white teeth behind your smile. Now, taking care of the footwear is an easy as buying a new pair. But, looking after your teeth are a whole different story. Try to brush it oh so often (at least 3 times daily) replace your old toothbrush once every 3 months. Lastly, remember to use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth for the maximum protection!


5. Moisturise daily


First of all, moisturizing doesn’t make you any less of a man. And, just like a woman, you too need to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. The regular use of moisturizer also reduces and diminish the fine lines so you can stay young forever!


6.. Wash your face


Your goal is to get rid of the grimmy pollutants from your face. Washing it at least once every am and pm gives you a clean slate to hit the hay and out for the day. Plus, it also reduces your chance of having breakouts and dull looking skin.

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