A Man's Guide to Wearing Pink

Post on March 13, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia


Contrary to the popular belief, the colour pink is actually as masculine as the other colours in the spectrum. But, can the gents really pull off the colour pink without looking all girly and effeminate? Hmm...we believe the answer could easily be a solid yes, provided that you know the right way to style it.


Guys, this is where we come in! We are here to provide you with some tips for you to incorporate the feminine hue as your new staple piece in your wardrobe. So, scroll down if you wish to give pink a chance and remember to pay close attention because class is in session!


1. The right kinda pink


Just like any other colours, pink comes in a variety of different shades too. So, choose one that best suited to your skin. Opt for a sharper contrasting hue if you have a light skin tone and pick a pale pink shade to complement the darker skin tone.


2. Don’t go overboard


Let’s take it slow, shall we? Just because we have the confidence to wear pink doesn’t mean that we can deck ourselves from top to toe with the colour. Choose only 1 - 2 items in the shade of pink to wear at one time. Peacocking is bad because the rule is to keep it simple. Less is always more, remember?


3. Mix it up


Here’s a tip if you don’t have the guts to wear pink, or perhaps are not ready to go all out. A good starting point is to go with the accessories like a pink tie or a pair of pink socks. You can gradually step up your game as you grow comfortable with the colour.


4. Button it up


It is simple yet snazzy at the same time! A pink button-up shirt is downright easy to match as it goes well with any colours. You can pair it up with a pair of grey trousers, light blue jeans, khakis and the list goes on.


5. Pink Sneakers


The rising trends and releases of pink sneakers from big-name brands like Puma, Adidas, Nike and Reebok could only mean that pink is back in the season! So, if you wish to part ways with the mundane black kicks, this is exactly the best time for you to do so. But, remember to make your sneakers as the statement piece of your whole outfit. Pairing them up with a muted or soft tone outfit can ensure the attention is directed down to your feet.


Psst...to clear the air, colour has never been the tale signs that define anyone’s sexuality, so keep your confidence up and just wear whatever colour that you like, okay? Last but not least, swing by SOGO KL to have a peep at the latest fashion has to offer. 

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