3 Must-Have Hats for a Cool #OOTD

Post on February 22, 2019 | SOGO Malaysia

Everyone knows that accessories can make or break an outfit. Some use jewelries, bags or even shoes to put together the perfect look. But another accessory that might have constantly been overlooked is hats!

Here are 3 must-have hats that you should include in your fashion wardrobe.


1. Beanie

A perfect addition to your cool girl #ootd! Rock your street style outfit with a beanie and you would instantly channel the Kendall Jenner vibe.

2. Beret

Nothing screams Parisian Chic more than a beret! A simple beret that hugs your head can go with pretty much any outfit you have.

3. Bucket hats

The 90's are making a comeback and nothing is more relevant to that era than the bucket hat! Slip this on and you would instantly be deemed as the grunge queen.

The versatility of hats makes it the perfect accessory to channel your day to day vibe! Besides it's the perfect accessory to hide those random bad hair days!

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