Unleash Your Hope with I HOPE Kanebo

Post on July 21, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia

KANEBO conveys hope that lies beyond beauty and proposes make-up inspired by impressive beauty. Make-up is not designed to hide you, but it enhances and accentuate your features. 

With Lips, Express Your Hope.

N-Rouge accentuates the beauty of your lips to bloom the hidden side of you.
  • 2D Control Complex is formulated to create an exquisite Neo-Flat (subtly shining) finish by achieving coverage with highly intense colour.
  • Highlights the lips to simply express the allure of the colour and attracting attention to the lips.
  • Glides smoothly and blends perfectly to the lips, providing full coverage and blurs the appearance of creases.

N-ROUGE: Neo-Dimensional Colours

Beyond rules and definitions, the unlimited power of art and culture freely produces new creations one after another. Wearing one of these colours will make you break through your shell and move to a new and colourful dimension.

N-ROUGE: Nexus Sun Red Colours

Inspired by the sun rising at dawn, the various hues of red symbolise the awakening of the power within. The light emanating from red, reminiscent of inherent energy, invokes the beauty within to generate quietly yet boldly an impression of hope and confidence.


Applying rouge all over your lips will change the texture and nuance to generate unlimited possibilities. Give it your all and reveal your self-expression.

Drawing Pencil & Crayon
Define and enhance your natural facial dimensions.

Drawing Pencil to control your facial features:
  • The soft lead pencil that glides on skin results in smooth application.
  • The multi-purpose pencil enables you to draw lines and shade off colours easily
  • Can be used as: lip liner, nose shadow, eyeliner, blusher, eyeshadow.

Drawing Crayon to heighten your profile:
  • The twist-up, multi-purpose crayon with highly spreadable texture to create naturally sculpted features.
  • Blends well with any skin complexion to naturally accentuate your face with a natural glow.
  • Can be used as: a nuance colour lipstick, shading or highlighter, eyeshadow.

Drawing Dual Pen & Rouge
Find creativity and unleash your emotions and draw freely on an empty canvas that is your skin.

Drawing Dual Pen
Wear your favourite colours anywhere you like:
  • multi-purpose pen for easily creating bi-coloured make-up.
  • Silky smooth texture spreads and blends smoothly on skin.
  • Can be used as: lip colour, blusher or highlighter, concealer, eyeshadow.

Drawing Dual Rouge
Update your make-up routine:
  • Create iconic lips with a dual colour finish.
  • Apply colour on lips with just one stroke, or combine the two colours to make one shade; express your make-up.

Play around with KANEBO's Virtual Make-Up HERE

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