Introducing Viva La Juicy Sucré by Juicy Couture

Post on April 26, 2017 | SOGO
It's time to treat yourself to the sweeter things in life!
Iconic LA fashion brand, Juicy Couture invites the vivacious Viva girl who always lives in the moment to give into the most indulgent temptations with Viva la Juicy Sucré. Playful and positively delicious, this fragrance will inspire Viva girls around the world to celebrate the sweet side of life!

With Viva la Juicy Sucré, the girl winks at the world and never denies herself the pleasures of life. Transporting her to a world of delicious treats, this sweet and tempting scent inspires her to simply #EatDessertFirst.

The Fragrance
Drawing inspiration from the Viva girl’s playful personality, Viva la Juicy Sucré offers a delicious twist on the classic Viva la Juicy.

The scent opens with the fresh fruity notes of sparkling Mandarin and juicy Red Currant, with Brazilian Gardenia lending a pillow of softness to the concoction’s feminine edge.

At the heart, Orange Flower and Jasmine Sambac blossom into a delectable bouquet drizzled with Peach Nectar and finished with Almond Cream – perfect for a scent as sweet as a Parisian macaron.

The base notes of Vanilla Extract and Sandalwood douse the fragrance in creamy warmth, topped with crushed Cocoa Beans to exude one last touch of temptation.

The Bottle
Viva la Juicy Sucré dips the classic into frosted fun topped with fresh femininity. This delicate design shines in a gold cupcake-inspired base with a creamy frosting finish, transforming the iconic Viva la Juicy bottle into an irresistible dessert. A playful pink, polka-dotted bow adorns the collar as a nod to the indulgent, delectable fragrance within.

Viva la Juicy Sucré EDP 50ml (price: RM330) / 100ml (price: RM425)

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