Invictus Intense by Paco Rabanne

Post on June 23, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
A trophy for our winner in a Paco Rabanne-esque turn. The object of desire: a solid glass goblet topped with an exultant shining-metal cap. Robustly pure. Athletic. The contrasts heighten through their balance. 

A base that plays it cool and a cap that goes for the force of detail: distinct and chiselled gadroons, architectural handles. A sculptural finish. The Intense version, an opportunity for the trophy to assert a new power that’s darker, deeper - right down to the scent. Varnished graduated transparent glass for the goblet, gunmetal cap and steel-blue liquid. Intensity takes over.

The Fragrance
Exhilarating freshness versus wild sensuality. Invictus Intense plays on the shock between blazing amber woods and the marine “salty skin” accord, in a woody-fresh wake.

To create a sexy woody-amber; without dropping any of the tension or masculine identity (wood-ambergris duo), wildness is left behind to plunge into a heady sensuality. At the scent’s base, a malt salty-amber accord with dynamic wood. And salt, the hallmark of Invictus. Amber for an intensified, sensual effect. Both add balance. Once again, two forces come face to face and then merge. Magnetic duel. First comes a spicy-fresh drive: green-aromatic laurel leaf and orange blossom electrified by the black pepper-cardamom duo. Incisive freshness for an aftershock that’s seriously sensual. Malt dominates. Supple, enveloping, sweet liqueur. The ambergris accord brings a soft, woody warmth. In contrast, the force of black amber and woods, for a sea-salty skin effect. A rippling heat finale, at its peak.

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YUSRIZAN BIN MOHAMED posted on 2017-07-04 22:56:49
Semua paco rabanne series sy suka... lagi2 Black XS