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The first-ever serum made from 87% natural ingredients backed by 36 years of natural science research: SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum

The stress of the pandemic, the challenges of working from home, the balancing act of trying to juggle everything – it’s been a difficult time for many of us, and the fatigue is showing its effect. Mentally, we are feeling burnout while physically, we look tired and worn out.

The skin especially is where signs of fatigue usually present itself. When the body and mind feel exhausted, skin’s protection barrier is affected, allowing stress and harsh environmental factors like pollution and UV rays to damage skin cells. The effect? Dryness, dullness, skin problems like acne and visible pores, as well as irritation as skin immunity takes a dip (just like the body when you don’t have enough rest!). 

Revitalising Skin’s Natural Health With Mother Nature’s Ingredients
Black Yeast Probiotic: A discovery from 36 years of natural science research

Your skin too deserves an immunity boost from probiotics and you can get this with SEKKISEI’s first-ever Clear Wellness Vitalizing Serum. It is made with 87% natural ingredients (regulated by ISO 16128), including the clarity-boosting Black Yeast Probiotic cultured from fermented Japanese dried persimmons, a discovery made after 36 years of natural science research of around 20,000 types of probiotics from Japanese traditional food.

For maximum effectiveness, the power of 750 millions Black Yeast Cells cultured over 300 hours are packed into each bottle of SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum. Moisture volume within skin dramatically increases, hydrating fatigue skin to improve skin texture and barrier function. Skin immunity is also enhanced, leading up to healthy skin with the most beautiful clarity.

Sekkisei Vitalizing Serum
50ml -  RM340

Available at Ground Floor Beauty Hall, SOGO The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru. 


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