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Reclaim Your Youth with LANEIGE’s New Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Eye Cream for Face
- Made with 95% Pure Retinol that is suitable to be used for the entire face to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles -

Growing up in an Asian society, our elders have always taught us the importance of a youthful complexion that is free from wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Though with technology advancing, devices like smart phones and laptops have grown to become our everyday source of work and entertainment. Did you know that the electromagnetic waves emitting from our devices can cause the skin to age?

With the advancement of technology and research, Laneige, a renowned South Korean skincare brand, is proud to introduce the Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Eye Cream For Face as the latest addition to its anti-aging range, Perfect Renew. With 27 years of research behind it, Laneige has perfected the formulation that does more than just prevent wrinkles, but also to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin’s firmness.

Retinol has come across as an intimidating ingredient, however, this beginner-safe formula is suitable for the whole face with a safe Retinol purity of 95% that stimulates collagen production and reduces the number of wrinkles and pores. It’s also made with 90% pure French Tripeptide, a complex of 3 essential amino acids that stimulates the generation of procollagen in the skin to improve elasticity for skin firming and lifting. The stimulation of collagen is also supported by a 5D Hyaluronic Acid to prevent degradation of collagen, aids in absorption of retinol and plumps up the skin.

For maximum multi-functional benefits, the Perfect Renew Youth Retinol is packed with additional active ingredients and Vitamins:
• Madecassoside and Vitamin B5 also known as Cica, which helps to soothe and repair sensitive skin
• Tranexamic Acid clears and brightens the skin
• Energy-Glyco extracted from the root of Wild Butterfly Ginger to regenerate aging cells inside the skin
• Vitamin C is a good antioxidant that brightens skin and works well with Retinol to boost collagen production
• Vitamin E for hydration and moisturization 

Perfect Renew Youth Retinol 30ml – RM295 


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