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Post on March 18, 2017 | SOGO
Lavi.OIL - Calming, Nourishing, Beautifying
Lavi.OIL derived from Lavigato, it carries the meaning of "Life"

Lavi holds the concept of "Life Worth Living" that deeply relates to everyday life. One should never stop searching for happiness, to live on and smile with the feeling of contentment. Lavigato believes in producing products that puts a smile on your face by pampering your hair!

A special remedy that is perfectly formulated for the best result for your hair. 
Lavi.OIL is formulated with Argan Oil, Omega 3 & 6 that pampers your hair to give an extraordinary shine and softness to hair. Besides that, Lavi.OIL helps to calm frizzy ends, provides anti-oxidant and anti-static action that leaves hair stronger. And it's alcohol free too!

• Calm frizzy ends
• Moisturises and restores shine to damaged and dry hair
• Soften hair for healthier hair structure, thus preventing breakage
• Repair hair damaged by heat and styling
• Protection from UV rays
• Strong detangling and nourishing action

How to Apply:
Dispense a few drops into your palm and apply evenly to dry or damp hair

*Lavi.OIL is suitable for all hair types

Need to get your hands on this amazing product for your locks? Here's your chance to pamper your hair! Follow these steps for your chance to win:

*Whip & Win Instagram Contest 
15- 31 March 2017

Step 1: Whip your hair (or hijab too!)
Step 2: Shoot a Boomerang video of it
Step 3: Share your Instagram and tell us why you deserve to win the Lavi.OIL product from Lavigato Haircare
Step 4: Tag @klsogo & @lavigato and hashtag #WhipWinKLSOGOLavigato #LavigatoHaircare #TrendsetterOnlineLavigatoHaircare

Winners will receive one (1) bottle of Lavi.OIL (worth RM178) + RM100 SOGO Gift Card

What are you waiting for? Whip your hair back and forth and pamper your mane with the help of Lavi.OIL by Lavigato!

*terms and conditions apply.

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