Le 9 De Givenchy

Post on August 12, 2020 | SOGO Malaysia

Couture Boldness

Givenchy has developed a dual palette, echoing the spirit that has taken precedence on the fashion shows. Echoing the Maison's catwalk where straight-lined sillhouettes casually mingle with more opulent, fluid and floral tones. A strong duality that reflects the Givenchy's woman's desires and her state of mind.

Le 9 De Givenchy

With Le 9, Givenchy offers the perfect combination of colours to enhance your gaze with shades that are both subtle and ultra-sophisticated.

Beneath a lacquered black lid engraved with the iconic 4G emblem of the Maison Givenchy: nine shades in a raised stud shape, in four finishes (matte, satin, glittery and metallic). Deeply sensory textures for lasting comfort and wear, a unique colour effect and an eye look defined by bold, ultra-pigmented shades.

The innovative, incredibly smooth formula of Le 9 de Givenchy glides over the eyelid to deliver all the softness and richness of its colours. Easy to play with, to layer and blend and guaranted to last 12-hours.

Mix & Match

Inside: Bold and eccentric, touches of striking and vibrant colours respond in chorus to a more delicate and muted shades.

Designed to create three-by-three combinations, each of these eyeshadows can easily be paired with the others. Find the perfect combination by mixing three colours in a straight vertical line, working from top to bottom, from bottom to top or diagonally.

Couture Palettes

Within this range of tones, orange is always an excellent
choice. And to surround this colour, what could be better
than a warm brown, an unexpected silver or a delicate

The Signature: a sublime marsala, this bold burgundy red
flecked with brown, can be applied flat or in a dash along
the fringe of the lower lashes, like a signature. An artistic
touch that brings out the richness of colour.

A sculpted look, underlined by warm shades that oscillate
between nude beige, matte black and gold-flecked

The Signature: the emerald with its unique, exuberant
personality can be worn on its own or, if desired, tempered
with subtler complementary shades.

Layer colours from brown to amethyst, with gradients
of tobacco and candied chestnut; for a cheeky,
unexpected look.

The Signature:  highly versatile, the pearled grey
eyeshadow can also be used as a highlighter on the
apples of the cheeks.

An unfurling of bold violet shades highlighted with pale
pink and pitch black. Layer as lightly or as heavily as you

The Signature:  an intense violet that can be applied all
over the eyelid or playfully layered.

Copper, brown, clay. A combination of warm and
comforting shades that are just right for softening your

The Signature:  a pearled white that can be applied as a
highlighter to brighten the inner corner of the eye.

Le 9 De Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette RM290

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