​6 Ways to Level Up Your Moisturiser Game!

Post on October 23, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

If you’re looking at the mirror and you see a dull complexion that can’t be fixed with maximum use of highlighter or even a blusher, well there’s no two ways about it – your skin is dehydrated. But if you’re already using moisturiser on the regular, well maybe it’s time for you to take your moisturising game to the next level!

1. Use water-boosting skincare products

Slathering on thick, rich cream isn’t a fast solution for your dehydrated skin. Instead, opt for water-based skincare products that have ingredients such as hyaluronic acid ( a superstar hydrator).  Look for a lightweight gel-cream that can add and lock-in moisture too!

2. Eat foods that are rich with water

Foods that contain mostly water can just be hydrating for your body and skin – it’s the same as drinking water! Chow down on some water-dense fruits such as watermelons, plums, berries, and cucumbers.

3. Double-up on skincare

When you have dry skin, treatments like serums can be super hydrating for your skin. It creates barriers and forces moisturising ingredients in your serum to penetrate the skin!

4. Get yourself a deeper cleansing product

Ever heard of the sonic-powered cleansing brush? This product is a great investment as it can penetrate beneath the surface of your skin for a deeper hydration.

5. Exfoliate regularly

You may have the best moisturiser money can buy, but it won’t help if the products are not properly absorbed into your skin. Exfoliation is key to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin.

6. Invest in a facial spray

It is crucial to stay hydrated the entire day. Keep a travel-sized facial spray in your bag for a quick spritz – your skin will thank you for it! We hope these tips will help you towards your road to #skincaregoals

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