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Post on September 12, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Malaysia Day is just around the corner! In honour of this day, Trendsetter Online is highlighting some of the local brands that we love!

Lightbulb Malaysia at 3F Fashion Arena consists of a wide array of local brands that you will definitely love! We’ve listed down a fair few for you to get to know our home grown brands!


Biji-Biji was founded in December 2012 by Azam Hisham, Rashvin Pal Singh, Gurpreet Singh and Zoe Victoria Tate.
Biji-Biji is a collective that is serious about creating functional and beautiful bag designs. They seek to adopt approaches that would today be considered alternatives to a typical manufacturing process. The alternatives bring about more positive social and environmental impact rather than negative.

These unique products are handmade carefully with love. Rejected seat belts, discarded banners and felt are upcycled into functional items.

Check out Biji-Biji’s collection on Instagram here


EK is a Malaysian jewellery based in Georgetown, Penang and founded in 2015.

Every piece of EK jewellery is handmade and tied based on the designs customized or selected. Each and every creation is made with the finest quality gemstones, crystal charms and pendants. Today, EK Malaysia is staying loyal to its’ original ideas and spreading the love of gemstone bracelets to everyone in the world.

Check out EK Malaysia’s Instagram here


Josh Lee fragrances was founded in 2013 by Josh Lee, a Penang born award-winning Fragrance Designer. All fragrances are personally concocted by Josh Lee who is trained at the prestigious perfumery institute, ISIPCA in France. With the tagline "Heritage through Scent", all the fragrances are certified HALAL by Jakim Malaysia.

His signature and debut fragrance, George Town by Josh Lee EDT was conceived as a tribute to his hometown in Penang. This fragrance brings out the best of the city of Penang. Relive the nostalgic old-world Penang with scents by Josh Lee fragrances.

Check out Josh Lee Fragrance’s Instagram here
Exclusive. Exquisite. The very definition of Himaya Jewellery

Himaya was founded in early 2016 by Kuala Lumpur city born & bred - Kasshvin Kumar. Himaya Jewellery represents more than just fashion. The brand's core aim is to build a brand around a business model that allows women to empower girls of the future generation. The brand took its' full shape when they joined forces with global advocate for girls' education, the Malala Fund.

Himaya offers a wide range of necklaces and bracelets curated from across the globe. Each style comes in a diverse range of colours making each style a hit for everyone. Best of all, 20% of Himaya's sales proceeds are donated to the Malala Fund.

Check out Himaya’s Instagram here.


Lejen is a local alternative publisher and was founded back in July 2011 by writers Muhammad Aisamuddin Md Asri (Aisa Linglung) and his good friend, Shahrul Naim Mohd Amin (Shahrul Naim).

Lejen has published more than 100 titles, including fiction, non-fiction, short stories and the latest one - Lejen's famous travelogue comic series. With Lejen, Aisa Linglung and Shahrul Naim aim to provide more options, thus encouraging more young people to read via alterntive materials that are known to be extra witty, humorous and forthright.

Check out Lejen’s Instagram here.


Malaya Co was founded as part of Tengku Muhammad Shah (Moe)'s university project whilst finishing up his undergraduate program in London in year 2015 together with Joshua Paul Siow and Shahida Hasan.

The brand showcases where the founders are from, the region of Malaya. Every product that is produced has the freedom of choice for users; the watch with multiple straps and a bag with a multi carry system. The creators drew inspiration from military functionality and industrial minimalism to bring you technical fashion

Check out Malaya Co’s Instagram here.

Visit Lightbulb Malaysia at 3F Fashion Arena today and support our local brands! Check out Lightbulb Malaysia's Instagram Page here.

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