M.A.C Colour Rocker

Post on April 21, 2017 | SOGO Malaysia
Experimental Colour. High Impact. All Matte
Rock out with an untamed collection of audacious matte lipsticks. These instant icons make a scene, delivering an adrenalizing hit of colour in 28 rebellious shades. Colour yourself fearless.

Check these 28 shades that will surely make your lips tremble with excitement:
• Carmine Rouge clean true red (matte)
• Forbidden Sunrise creamy orange (matte)
• Into The Madness bright lime green (matte)
• Deep With Envy forest green (matte)
• Flatter Me Fierce blue lavender-purple (matte)
• Instant Icon bright baby blue (matte)
• Blue Bang! bright cerulean blue (matte)
• Yellow You Dare? warmed yellow (matte)
• Feeling Fizzy hot pink (matte)
• Mean Green Machine green (matte)
• Bunnybeams pinked lavender-purple (matte)
• Uncontrollable baked orange (matte)
• Darling Clementine electric orange (matte)
• Mud Wrestler creamy neutral beige (matte)
• Gritty Girl light cool brown (matte)
• Cold Hard Cash creamy neutral brown (matte)
• Secret # dark greyed-brown (matte)
• Digging It rich warm brown (matte)
• Indigo-Go cornflower blue (matte)
• Jean Genie sky blue (matte)
• Evening Buzz greyed lavender-purple (matte)
• City Slick light grey-beige (matte)
• Night Mint light army green (matte)
• Show And Teal bright green-blue teal (matte)
• Breathing Fire bright warm fuchsia (matte)
• Matte Royal deep blue (matte)
• In The Spirit pure black (matte)
• In My Fashion dark chocolate brown (matte)

M.A.C Colour Rocker (price: RM78)

Visit M.A.C store in KL SOGO's GF Beauty Arcade today and rock out in vivacious colours, making you the center of attention.

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