Must-Have Items for the Perfect Day At the Beach

Post on November 02, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia
People around the world enjoy going to the beach for a multitude of reasons. Some love the free and effective natural suntan, while the others enjoy the serenity that they get from walking on sand or the thrill of dropping in on a killer wave. Well, whatever your reasons are for loving the sandy beaches, you’ll need to carry these 7 must-have items for the perfect day out on the beach. 

1. Beach Towel
Now, how else can you take a nap on the beach and dry yourself off after a dip in the ocean? Beach towel is an absolute must! 

2. Portable Fan
Staying cool is just a matter of flipping the switch.
3. Baby Powder

It works like a charm to get rid of wet sands off your hand, feet, and hair.
4. Sunblock
You don’t want to look like a tandoori chicken when you’re done, would you?
5. Hat
Protecting you from the harmful rays while keeping you looking oh so stylish too!
6. Camera
Snap, edit and upload!
7. Water Bottle
Of course, you’ll need to quench your thirst and stay hydrated as you bask in the sun.
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