Rock that Outerwear: 5 Types of Jackets Every Woman Needs to Have in Her Wardrobe

Post on December 28, 2018 | SOGO Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with a tropical climate. But there those monsoon days where you’d wish you would have a jacket or sweater to don on to keep the chilly bites away.

So why not invest in vital outerwear pieces to protect yourself from the unpredictable bouts of rain? Check out our top 5 outerwears to keep you looking cool all year long.



This classic essential piece isn’t going to run out of style anytime soon. The jean jacket that you invest in will definitely be worn with love all throughout the years.

2.Long Cardigan

Wanna look chic but feel comfy? A long cardigan is the perfect outerwear option for days where you’d want to sit and read at a coffee shop or simply go out to brunch with your friends.

3.Trench Coat

Seems a little too much for Malaysian climate? Opt for a lightweight trench coat that will keep you looking and feeling cool. We suggest going for a beige or army coloured trench coat to better pair with your other outfits.

4.Bomber Jacket

Hello 90’s! A bomber jacket adds a cool masculine element to any of your outfit ensemble. This piece works great for days where you need to run errands and keep your laid-back look. For a night-time look, pair this jacket with a mini dress and booties and you’re ready to party the night away.

5. Blazer

Transform your outfit into instant chic with a clean and crisp blazer. Find a blazer with a lighter colour and material; you can never go long with beige linen blazer or a navy blue piece. The best part is, you can layer them right on top of your dresses too!

Consider outerwears as your fashion insurance, because with these essential items, you’ll totally be prepared for any occasion!

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